Friday, November 15, 2013

Ok, so perhaps I should blog more than once every 2 years. I will have to work on that soon since the last time I blogged was when exchange student #4 was adjusting to life in the US and now we have exchange student #6 a third of her way through the school year.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adjusting to life in the US

Serdar is adjusting to life in the US. He has been to a professional baseball game, a professional football game (pre-season), a birthday party, a pool party, his high school's football games, to name a few activities.

His bedroom tends to be a constant disaster, like a tornado sleeps in there with him every night. We solve the problem by closing his bedroom door - ta da - no unsightly bedroom to look at as we walk down the hall. And 3 times since he has been here, he has woken up at 3 or 4AM and headed to the shower, thinking it's time to get up. He did this last night. He doesn't look at his clock until he is out of the shower and back in his room. UGH!

He has decided that his closed bedroom door is a good place to put sticky notes with little messages. "Do not enter". "Not at home. I will be back soon".  "I get up at 6AM" are a few of the ones on his door now. I added an addendum to the last one, mentioning his 3AM showers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

awaiting the arrival of our exchange student

Our next exchange student will leave his country in about 2 weeks, arriving at our house a few days after that. He will be our 4th exchange student, 4th FLEX student, 4th different country, but first young man! It will be an adjustment!

Our other students were from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan and our next student is from Turkmenistan. I love FLEX students!

Preparations are underway to get ready for his arrival. We moved to a new state almost 2 years ago, so it has been 2 years since we hosted. We will be adjusting to working with a new high school too.